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Since golfers are always trying to improve every facet of their game, tech gadgets can be the way to accomplish this and to help you play like a pro. Here are five gadgets worth investigating:

1. The Sensoglove

The Sensoglove is a digital golf glove complete with an automatic sensitivity control that encourages a consistent, strong, and smooth swing to achieve greater distance and a better score, as well as an automatic sensitivity selection button that identifies the best grip pressure for you based on your previous grip pressures. The glove’s extended battery life also makes it more durable.

The Sensoglove’s LED monitor displays your pressure analysis collected from highly receptive sensors all over the glove. Once you swing your golf club, the Sensoglove gives you real-time feedback, both visual and audio, and warns if you exceed the targeted grip pressure. Even better, the glove shows you the fingers that need adjusting by displaying those that grip too tightly and those that don’t grip enough.

The Sensoglove is construction from high-quality cabretta leather to ensure comfort. It can also be used as your own personal golf trainer to help you improve your game as well as avoid bad habits. From back swing, impact, follow-through, to impact downswing and chipping, the Sensoglove improves every part of the golf game.

2. Golf GPS Systems

GPS technology can also improve your golf game. A golf Global Positioning System (GPS) arms you with a map that helps determine the yardage to the hole. Different models include handheld ones with rangefinders, USB cables, and the right software and GPS caddies that can be attached to your golf carts. Most rental golf courses already have these attached to their golf carts.

If you use a pocket PC, there are also GPS models with Bluetooth receivers and scorecards; others come with distance tracking for hazards, green fields, and targets. The GPS works better than a rangefinder, helping you to play golf with hawk’s eyes and the perfect steady hand of a pro.

3. Prazza Ball Finder

The Prazza ball finder is one of the most advanced tech gadget on the market designed to improve your golf game. It tracks your golf ball, which has an embedded microchip, by picking up the chip’s signals. The finder then guides you to the ball via a monitor with an arrow pointing in the direction of your golf ball. As you get closer, the size of the ball on the monitor enlarges. The ball and the handset remain continuously in contact even after 30 minutes have passed since your last strike.

The Prazza ball finder is mostly helpful in locating lost golf balls. It also helps in the foggy winter months when vision is limited to just a few yards. With over 400 million golf balls lost every year, this device gives you the pleasure of finding your ball more often.

4. Distance Measuring Devices

These devices, known as DMDs, are another great tech gadget to help improve your golf game because they tell you the exact distance you can hit using each golf club, quickly allowing you to match the green distance with the right club. Distance measuring devices also improve your ability to evaluate the risk and rewards of each shot. For example, when you know the distance to the hole, you use the right club to make your approach shot. DMDs also give you an advance reading of the green and exact measurements of the distance between you and ridges.

5. Launch Monitors

Launch monitors help golfers study their swings by recording their ball’s path from the swing of the club to where it lands. By calculating the amount of golf swing used on the ball, you know why the ball took a certain path. With this information, you can change your golf swing or club to achieve a maximum level of accuracy.

The launch monitor collects data from over 100 of your swings and compiles a report on the areas that need improvement. Golfers then use this information to alter their swing and improve their balls’ trajectories. Launch monitors also identify the best launch angle for a shot, ball speed, face impact position, flight time, yards off line, and club head speed, all vital to a great golf game. Since the golf swing is the most critical part of the game, golfers with the right kind of launch monitor become more highly skilled and achieve more success with the game.

Good luck and good golfing!


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