5 Things That Will Stop You From Improving Your Golf


More than 1 million Americans quite the game of golf every year with one of the top reasons being that they find the skills too difficult and the other being injury. Studies have shown that the death rate of golfers is 40% lower than for people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which corresponds to a 5 year increase in life expectancy. This is a great reason to continue playing but how can you ensure that you are not one of the million people that quite due to frustration every single year?

 1. Wrong Club Choice

Did you know that on average an amateur golfer actually hits the ball 30 yards shorter than they believe they do? Let’s think about it. Most golfers find out how far they hit each club by heading down to the range and looking at the distance markers. As long as the markers are correct this seems like a logical way to go about things. The problem is that many amateur golfers have a false sense of security at the range. At the range there are normally wide open spaces so if you shank, slice or hook a ball or two there are very few consequences, plus you can just grab another range ball from your bucket and have another go. This gives you more freedom and you often put more effort into the shot so can hit it a little further.

Get out onto the course and there is rough, trees, water and sand to contend with. This can make you tense up a little and subconsciously you are a little more conservative which results in you hitting the ball shorter than you are used to. This will have you choosing the wrong club and you will play more shots resulting in a frustrating round. Have you ever had the feeling that you were always just short of the green or you don’t drive as far as you normally do? Well this is likely the reason.

2. Lack of warm up

As mentioned earlier one of the major reasons golfers are quitting is due to injury. A recent study has shown that a lack of warm up increases the risk of injury. In America, 36.5% of golfers have sustained an injury in the past 12 months. Did you know that only 18% of amateur golfers actually do a warm up before they play a round of golf? Of the 18% who actually do perform a warm-up, 59.7% only do a warm-up of less than 60 seconds. No wonder golf is inside the top 15 for most sport injuries!

Research shows that a mild aerobic warm-up and stretches of 7-8 minutes is all it takes to significantly reduce your risk of injury. If all golfers could do this there would be far less than 1 million leaving the sport each year.

3. The training effect

The training effect is a concept that is relevant to learning any new skills. What tends to happen when you begin on your journey as a complete novice is that once you get some training or tips you begin to make some major jumps in improvement. This gives you that exhilarating feeling and you feel like if you can continue to improve at that rate you will be where you want to be in no time. Then the smile on your face begins to turn into a frown because you stop improving and for many people you will actually get worse. You may be one of the people that has said, “I was getting so much better, but know I think I’m getting worse!” This is what is called a plateau and is where so many people give up. They feel that they have given it their best shot, paid for some lessons or training and they feel like they are worse off.

What is actually happening is the training effect. This happens to almost everyone that tries to master a new skill. Instead of giving up you may need to keep at it and get some more training and then you will see some rapid improvement again. But wait… you will hit another plateau where you improvement will flatten out and you will most likely begin to play worse. But when you really look at it, your worst is still far better than your best used to be when you started out. You need to go back and put in some more training and BOOM, you begin the rapid improvement again. This continues to happen over and over. The problem is that people give up at the first plateau because they don’t understand the ‘training effect’. If you understand the training effect you can be prepared for it and simply put in some more training.

4. Not understanding the swing mechanics

If you want to master something, you need to really understand it. That doesn’t mean you need to know step by step what you need to do, but really understand it. Many amateur golfers know that they have to take away all together, cock the wrists etc. but not necessarily why. This can make it difficult when you are out on the course and not playing well.

Let’s say you begin slicing the ball during your round. Before your next shot you make some practise swings and check that you are doing what you are supposed to. You address the ball and straight away you slice the ball again! How can that be? You are checking things off but it isn’t working. One of your playing partners gives you a tip and that just throws you way out.

If you understood the mechanics of how the swing actually works you may have been able to figure out that your arms were driving the down swing rather than your hips. Understanding the swing mechanics can help you improve quickly rather than just looking for a tip that fixes problems short term.

5. Golf Lessons

There are approximately 29 million people that participate in the game of golf yet only 15% have taken golf lessons. If you have ever attempted to swing a golf club and hit that tiny ball, you will realize just how difficult it can be. You are taking a club above your head and generating speeds up to and over 100MPH. This means you have around 0.2 sec to get the club from above your head back to the ball in a square position! If you think you are able to do this consistently without somebody giving you advice along the way then you are better than most.

The cost of lessons can be a major reason as to why amateurs don’t have them but you can now see that they are important. One face to face golf lesson is normally $70 or above and you will need more than one lesson. This can prove to be expensive but well worth it. There are a few excellent online golf teachers that are providing programs for much more affordable prices as they can reach a much larger audience. This is a fantastic way to get great results for a much more affordable price.

These are the major reasons why people fail to improve at the game and give it up. It can be a game that causes frustration and anxiety as well as cuts and bruises from searching for balls in trees!

There are solutions

There are definitely solutions to these problems. You need to learn to hit the ball consistently longer and get somebody not only give you tips but teach you the mechanics of the swing; and you need to warm up before you play and before you practise to ensure you reduce your risk of injury. No matter where you decide to get an instructor there are some things you need to consider before you select a golf instructor. You need to ensure that:

  Lots of experience at a high level whether that be as a player or a coach.


  Gets results. They need to have a track record of actually achieving results.


  Good personality. If you are going to be listening to somebody give you tips and training then need to be     someone you enjoy spending time with. Hitting a golf ball in front of someone you don’t know can be a daunting thing to do, so you need them to allow you to relax.


  Price. Price is obviously important and only you can determine how much you want to pay for your   golf improvement. Just be sure that you are getting value for your money.


If online ensure there are videos and pictures as well as written descriptions. Lots of online courses are just books or audio. This is ok but it can be difficult to fully understand the concept if you can’t see it being performed.


Online Coaching

With all the benefits of getting online coaching, Jaacob Bowden is the guy with the best reputation. Jaacob is a professional golfer and a long drive champion, so has the knowledge and experience to really help you improve your game. Jaacob and his product is not only a book but you get access to all his videos. This is not a one off product but a membership where you get access to his site which has helped thousands of people improve their golf game.

Jaacob is a great teacher and that will help improve the length of your shots so that instead of being short of the green you can be on in regulation which gives you the best chance to lower your scores. The real benefit of Jaacob’s coaching is the videos. He gives fantastic tips that golfers of all levels can use and it helps give you a full understanding of the concepts he is trying to teach so that you can practice them and take them straight out onto the course.

The cost of the membership is far less than most pay for 1 face to face golf lesson so there is real value. Improve your game today so you can enjoy watching your game improve.

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