Part of having a solid golf swing is having solid balance. If your body is moving all over the place because you are unbalanced, it can make it difficult to hit a very small ball like a golf ball. In this video, Michael Breed looks at how Adam Scott has improved his golf swing over the past 18 or so months.

Breed explains that when Scott was struggling slightly he had alot more body movement in his golf swing. Now he is very stable and has great balance throughout the golf swing. Watch the video to see just how balanced he is. As Breed explain, watch the level of Adam Scott’s head. Watch how far it moves up and down and you will see that it virtually doesn’t move at all. This can make it much easier to hit a consistent golf ball.

Now before I take you through Michael’s lesson I think it is important to not that not every golfer is as stationary as Adam Scott. Some of the world’s best golfers will have a slight dip with their head as they load onto their back leg. This is ok but you just don’t want massive amount of movement. It is also important to not that moving the head side to side slightly is also considered ok. This is only natural as you move back and then through the ball.

To work on this an improve is actually quite simple. It may take some time to master but it is jst practice that you can do in your own home. If you can do it in front of a mirror it will give you some instant feedback into your balance. Imagine your head is on a fence rail. you are going to try and keep your head on that fence rail as you go through your swing. As mentioned before, don’t be too critical on yourself if there is some slight movement. The idea is to just reduce the movement slightly so that you improve your balance.

When you get set up you don’t want to have too much weight out on the toes of your feet and you don’t want to have it too far back on the heels of your feet. Nicely centered is nicely balanced. Then when you make your swing simply picture your head not moving down into the fence rail. This will give you great balance and you should see your consistency improve.

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