This video looks at PGA legend, Ben Crenshaw putting stroke. Crenshaw has been one of the most successful putters on the tour and here he gives a putting lesson that I think will help you with this part of your game.

“Putting is fingers, hands, eyes and imagination,” is how the 2 time masters champion begins. He goes on to explain that you need to know what your back swing and follow through will do to the golf ball but people tend to grip the putter too tightly. By relaxing the putter grip slightly it actually makes the putter head fee heavier which allows it to swing more. The tighter you gold the club, the less apt the putter will swing.

Crenshaw explains that it is important to be yourself when you are putting. It is a very individual thing and you should never try to look like somene else when you are putting because all types of strokes work. He goes on to say that there is no substitute to hitting the ball solidly and staying down through it. Finally, pace is often more important than line. Always focus on getting the pace correct and this will get you close to the hole so you can close it out in 2. He stresses this point by saying “pace is vital.”

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