The bump and run shot is vitally important if you want to get up and down to make your par. Too often amateur golfers hit inconsistent shots around the green and give themselves a long difficult putt for par. I know many of you are probably nervous when you are only a couple of meters off the green and are unable to putt the ball. If you have ever fluffed the ball or hit a skinny ball a long way from the hole then this chipping lesson is for you.

In the video lesson, Fred Funk explains that you need to use your putting stroke to play this shot. There are a couple of differences you need to implement though.

1. Put the ball back in your stance.

2. Set the angle of the golf club you want and keep this throughout the golf stroke.

3. Ensure that your hands are in front of the club head throughout the entire shot. Many golfers tend to try and flip the ball at the point of impact. This creates more loft and you will tend to hit behind the ball. This is what causes inconsistent chip shots.

4. Get a feel for the length of the stroke and then simply play your stoke.

Practicing this lesson for 5 minutes per day or every few days will really help you get up and down for par.

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