A Bunker shot for some people can be one of the harderst shots to play in golf. A day where you don’t have to use your sand wedge is a great day, but if we miss the green then we need to be ready to play a bunker shot. I have seen many of my friends take 4 or 5 shots to get out of a bunker and it is all because they don’t know how to play this shot. Improving your sand play is all part of the golfing journey.

Jack Nicklaus gives us some bunker shot tips so if (I should proabably say ‘when’) we land in the sand, we can get out of there and better yet, get close to the hole to save par. Nicklaus explains how to play a bunker shot and says┬áthat you need to play the shot exactly the same as a pitch shot.

If you were to draw a small box around your ball in the sand, you need to think about taking all the sand in that box. The leading edge of the club is always pointing right at the hole with your stance a little bit open. You then simply try to slap the sand. Afte the shot there should be very little of the original box remaining. Use these instructions when you have your next bunker shot and watch your ball lift over the lip and onto the green.

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