Bunker shots are the hardest shots in golf for many golfers. I have watched many of my friends take 4 shots to get out of a bunker and I won’t lie to you; I have done that before myself. Now there are two main types of bunker shots. The first is when the ball is sitting on top of the sand. These are usually the easiest to get out. Follow these bunker shot instructions and you will find the ball coming out and landing near the pin.

1. Open the club face of your wedge and also open your stance slightly. Opening the face of the club makes you think that the ball will shoot off to the right but remember the club will not make contact with the ball. There will be sand between the ball and the club and the ball will follow the pressure of the sand which will be heading towards the pin.

2. Instead of looking at the ball, look around 1 inch behind the ball as this is where you will be making contact. Then simply play your stroke and it will take a full swing.

For a bunker shot where the ball is buried in the sand you need to use a different technique. This is the tough one that most people dread, but this technique will help you. I saw this video the other day and gave it a go during my last practice session and it works like a charm. The hardest thing is getting used to how hard to hit the ball. Follow these instructions for a ball burried in the sand.

1. Close the face of the club. Strange I know and I was very sceptical, but I gave it a go and out the ball came. Close it to around 30-45 degrees.

2. Due to the loss in loft the ball will roll quite a bit so you need to use a high loft club and do not want a full swing. Again aim behind the ball and remember; you don’t have to hit the ball hard.

And thats it. These 2 techniques will really help you in your game. I can’t wait to try the second technique in a round (although I would still prefer not to be in the sand!). Learning to play out of the sand is definitely part of my golf journey and I hope it becomes part of yours.

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