Here are two Butch Harmon tips that will help you improve your short game. Butch Harmon was rated by his peers to be the best golf teacher going around. This video is very quick (around 45 seconds) but gives two very simple tips that will help you. I have often had trouble when playing off a tight lie. As Harmon says, no matter how good of a golf course you play on you will at some stage have to play off a tight lie where there is minimal grass. Because clubs bounce it is difficult to good contact with the ball from this lie. Follow these chipping instructions to learn how to do it effectively:

1. Make sure the ball is far back in your stance. This means you can even have the ball on the outside of your back foot.

2. Have your hands in front of the club. This will lower the loft of the club which will make the ball travel on a low trajectory.

3. Have the shaft of the club a little more vertical. This will actually make the toe of the club rest on the ground.

4. Take your grip, have your weight forward and then chip.

The second tip Butch Harmon gives is for a general swing. It is a simple tip that makes a massive difference. He tells you to have your chin up. This will give you much better posture and give your more room to make a full turn in the back swing. What amateur golfers tend to do is have their chin down into their chest. This has you hunched over and does not allow you to make a great turn.

Whenever I have golf lessons, my teacher is always saying, “Chin up, chin up.” This has a major impact on my swing. When I am out on the course I feel I am not making good turns, it is normally because my chin has dropped. Give both these tips a go and let me know how you go.

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