If you find you ball goes too far in the air and you are losing distance it is most likey that you are casting the golf club. Casting the golf club means you release your wrists too early and that the club accelarates at the wrong moment resulting in you losing distance. This golf lesson will help you to stop doing this and should improve your ball flight and increase the distance of your shots. This can be a really important part to improve your golf swing.

This video explains how to stop yourself from casting the club by using a very simple, cheap golf swing trainer. All you need is a baseball bat and a tube that you can put over the bat e.g. a mail tube that you have laying around at home or work.

What you are going to do is grad you baseball bat and put the mail tube over the bat. Once you have done this simply make swings and see where the tube ends up as it flies off the bat. If it is coming off the bat early then you are releasing your wrists too early. You need to try and get the tube to fly off the bat in front of you. Focus on holding the tension in your wrists untill late and the tube should land forward of you. When you have done this, grab your golf club and play your shot. Continue to practice this so you develop strong muscle memory resulting in great shots during a round.

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