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Why golf is good for you

Why golf is good for you

Playing golf is an excellent way to stay fit. Those that have played will understand that it is much more than a leisure sport and that it is quite a work out. This article looks at the benefits golf has for you.

Stopping Tiger’s Major Resurgence

Tiger Woods

Tiger is back as the world’s best golfer, but does he have to win a major to really be ‘back’? With the US Masters about to begin, Troy Vayanos from Talking Golf Online shares his thoughts on who could possibly bring Tiger back to earth and take out the title. This is a time of year that golf lovers look forward to. I know I can’t wait.

Top 10 Casino Golf Courses

atlantic city

If you have been to a Casino and been able to pry yourself away from the tables long enough to play a round of golf you will realize that some of them have left a lot to be desired. Yet other courses are absolutely breathtaking. In this article I look at the top 10 Casino golf courses

How to Look Like a Pro (Even When You’re Not)


Just think about it…you see the pros on TV and think it can’t be all that hard. Then you go out there and hit the ball all over the place. What is the difference? The answer is that there are many and they are varied. This article looks at how you can look and feel like a pro even if you are not. Sometimes that all that matters!

New clubs set back McIlroy in Abu Dhabi


This is a sponsored post about Rory McIlroy moving over to Nike for that massive sponsoreship deal. It wasn’t the best start for Rory in his first outing with his new clubs and maybe even more important, his new ball. He wasn’t too fazed by the outcome. The question is how long will it take him to get back to his best with his new equipment?

4 In A Row For Sutherland

2012 Christmas Cup Winner - Aaron Sutherland

The Christmas Cup golf tournament is held on Christmas eve every year. It is played between myself and a group of friends to not only catch up with each other around Christmas but to aslo win the coveted trophy. Aaron Sutherland won his fourth title in a row with a score of 4-over par after 36 holes.

5 Things That Will Stop You From Improving Your Golf

Free Report

More than 1 million people give up golf EVERY single year in America alone. Many times it is because they are fed up with trying to master the skills. Why is it that most people never really get to improve at the game of golf? This is a free report that every golfer should read so that you can enjoy the game of golf for a long time to come.

McIlroy Moves To Number 1 – Time To Play

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy has taken over the World Number 1 spot from Luke Donald. With the US Open fast approaching the defending champion is in good form and golf is in a wonderful spot. With the competition hotting up and the weather getting warmer it means it is time to get out and be a part of it.

Adam Scott On Journey To Number 1

Photo Courtesy of Bill Spruce and Getty Images

Adam Scott is starting to realize his full potential. After a tough period through 2008 and 2009 he has modified his swing and changed his putter and he is on a fast track to the World’s Top Ranking.

Gym Before Golf = Bad Shots


This is an account of my day where I went to the range, then to the gym, then played a round of par 3 golf. The day was going great until I went to play par 3. Never go to the gym and then try and swing a golf club.

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