This chipping drill can be done when you are warming up before a round of golf or can be made part of you practice routine. The purpose of this drill is to help you with your club selection and also get you practicing hitting the same spot on the green every time. So often, amateur golfers try to change where they land the ball on the green. I know I have done this in the past. The better you get at golf the more you can attempt to do this. But until you are a pro you should be trying to hit the same spot on the green. That spot should be around 5-6 feet from the fringe. Obviously if the hole is inside this range then you have to play a different shot, possibly a flop shot. But if the pin is beyond this 5-6 foot mark then you should be aiming to land the ball in that area. All you have to do then is change the club depending on where the pin is and how fast the green are.

To do this drill, simply get 3 clubhead covers and place them on the green, 5-6 feet from the fringe. Place a few balls around 20 feet from those markers. This is where you are going to play your chips from. You are aiming to land the ball around where the markers are. Begin with your sand wedge and play a couple of chips. If the ball doesn’t roll far enough don’t try and land the ball beyond your markers. All you need to do is get the next club up. This could be a pitching wedge.

With your pitching wedge play the exact same shot as you did before. Remember, you are trying to land the ball around 5-6 feet from the fringe. See if the ball rolls close to the pin. If it does then you know that for this type of chip you should be using a pitching wedge. When you are out on the course, you can change the club depending on how far the chip is. If the ball still doesn’t roll far enough then try your 9-iron.

This simple drill will give you a great indication of which club you should be selecting out on course. It is important to remember to land the ball in a similar place all the time. The club will change the loft and length of the shot. All you have to worry about is playing the same shot over and over for all your chips. This will help improve your golf and lower your scores.

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