I am sure that everyone reading this has had to play a chip on an uphill lie at some stage. Well if you have had difficulty with it in the past this video may help you improve in that area.

Chipping on the flat is one thing but making sweet contact on a lie that is either uphill or downhill can be a tricky prospect. I know that I have often duffed the chip on an uphill lie as I take too much of the ground before the ball. And this raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels!

The tip in this video is that you need to swing the club on the same angle as the ground.

This will feel like you are hitting up on the ball but you actually won’t be. Because the ground is sloping upwards you will actually be making good contact with the ball.

You need to be careful that you don’t over compensate too far and hit on an even more inclined angle. This will cause the blade of the club to meet the ball first and disaster can strike.

I have done this in the past and gone from being just off the green to all of a sudden being in the bunker on the opposite side of the green. All I could hear was some groans from my friends as they now had to wait until I got the ball on the green before they could putt out. Annoying them was the only satisfaction I got from that shot.

That was a while ago and I have since learned that it is better to match the slope of the ground in which you are playing on.

In this video you will see/hear that he has the ball slightly forward in his stance and focuses on swinging the club on the angle of the ground.


It will feel like you are hitting up on the ball but you should make good contact because the ball is on the sloping ground.

I personally try to tilt my shoulders slightly to match the ground. I have found this helps but you do what works best for you.

Give this a go and as always feel free to comment both good and bad on your experiences.



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