If any of you have had some trouble with your chipping techniques then this video is for you. Hands up who tends to hit the ball too skinny or too fat when chipping the ball. The thing that causes this is your hands and wrists. What tends to happen is that naturally you will try and flip the ball in the air. For some reason your brain is telling you that your hands and wrists need to get the ball in the air. Don’t worry, I have been there! In actual fact the loft on the club is what gets the ball into the air. Trying to scoop the ball will make you hit the ground before the ball or raise the blade and cause you to skinny the ball.

So how do we fix this? Well it isn’t difficult but it can take some practice to train your hands and your brain to stop scooping the ball. Follow these tips and improve your chipping so you can get the ball within 3 ft of the pin and make a simple put for par.

1. Get the shoulders pushing the club head back. Immediately this means that your hands are in front of the club head. This needs to be maintained at impact.

2. Keep your upper left arm close to your chest. This will allow the shoulders to do the work and keep your swing stable. This is similar to a putting motion but your back swing may be a little further than a putt.

3. Keep your wrists firm even through impact. You need to ensure that your wrists are leading the club. At impact your natural instinct will be to let the club move in front of the hands. This cannot happen! You need to ensure the wrists stay firm through impact.

These tips will enable you to hit a solid, end over end chip shot. All you need to work on is how hard to hit the ball. This will vary depending on the slope and speed of the green as well as how far away the pin is. This comes with practice.

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