These chipping tips will clear up any misconceptions you have about your short game. Being able to chip the ball close to the pin takes practise and often a short spell can make you lose your touch around the greens. In order to improve your chipping I have found this video by Michael Breed that explains what you need to be feeling when you chip the ball.

The first thing that you need to understand is that you cannot be rigid. Tension in the hands and arms will cause you to be rigid and is a great way to blade the ball or even fluff the ball. The other thing you don’t want to do is control the club with the hands. Using too much hand and wrist action in the chip will cause you to attack the ball from a very steep angle. You do not want this and it can cause you to again blade the ball.

Michael Breed explains that he actually likes to feel that his hands are fairly passive in the chipping stroke and that it is his chest that is more active. The chest moves in a rotational direction and moves the hands and the clubs. What this does is allows you to attack the ball from along the ground. This means the club is very close to the ground as it approaches the ball. This stops the steep angle you don’t want and will allow the loft of the club to do all the work for you. This gives you more consistency in your chipping and will allow you to get the ball close to the pin more often.

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