Now I have spoken before about some David Leadbetter training aids but this one is out of this world. I will say from the beginning that I have not tried this one yet, but I am so excited about giving it a go. You may or may not have heard of the David Leadbetter Wii software. If you haven’t then you need to watch this video. Some of you might have a Wii at home for the kids, well this is a great way to help improve your golf swing. I have no doubt that this will get bigger and bigger in the future as newer versions come out.

This software that is built for the Wii brings David Leadbetter into your living room to give you golfing tips. Thats right, you get your very own David Leadbetter golf tips. The way it works is you take the Wii controller in your hand and stand on the Wii balance board. The software will recognize your stance and show you on the TV. You then stand over the ball as you would when playing a stroke and swing away. The software will pick up the contoller and show you your swing plane immediately. No longer do you need to take the video camera down to the range, you can simply do this in your living room.

Now there is no doubt that this software will not be perfect but having played a Wii many times before, one thing it does do well is pick up the controller and your body movements. This software will show you your swing plane compared to the preferred swing plane. This is something that only happens with a golf teacher that uses advanced software. The software will then idetify your faults and Leadbetter will take you through some drills on how to best rectify your problems. Amazing! If anyone has used this before please let me know how it went. I will endeavour to use it myself in the coming weeks and report back.

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