Being able to drive the ball straight is an important part of your game if you are to hit good scores. It is even more important if you want to stay sane and and enjoy your round of golf. Watching your ball head off to the left or the right can be a demoralizing feeling as you know your next shot is going to be a tough one. I found this Jason Sutton video that should help you improve your driving.

Sutton explains that there are three things you really need to focus on when driving and all three are part of your set up. Setting up correctly will go a long way to you hitting straight golf drives. To describe these three tips he uses the acronym FWT. Lets go through then.

F – Stands for Forward. This means that the ball need to be forward in your stance. The reason for this is that you will be hitting slightly up on the ball when you have a driver in your hand. The club is longer and more flexible which means it needs a little more time to square up. The ball should be on the inside heel of your front foot.

W – Stands for Width. It is important to have a wider stance when driving the ball. The club is longer and lighter. This will help to generate more club speed throughout the swing. To be able to handle this extra force and remaining stable it makes sense to widen your stance slightly.

T – Stands for Tilt. This means that you need to have some shoulder tilt when addressing the ball. For the right handed golfer this means that your right shoulder should be lower than your left. It makes sense to do this because remember, your right hand will be lower than your left because of where you grip the club.

These simple setup tips will put you in a great position to hit the ball straight. This is something you can try at home in front of a mirror to ensure you have the correct setup before you even go to the range or out on the course.

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