If you are one of those golfers that one day will hit their driver beautifully but hit their irons horribly, and then the next day their irons are great but their driver is off, then you are not alone.

I have often come off the golf course saying that my irons were great but my driver was terrible or vice-versa.

Much of it has to do with the way we hit the ball with each club.

Essentially, with the driver you need to hit up slightly on the ball whereas with your irons you need to hit down on the ball. Just something else to make this great game a little harder.

I came across this video below which shows the subtle differences between the driver and the iron shots. They are only small differences but they are designed to allow the ball to be struck differently with the two different clubs.

If you go out and play but do not adjust your set up then it is almost inevitable that you will hit the ball better with either your iron or your driver.

It takes time and practice to get the feeling of the differences between the two swings.

It is important to note that the swing is essentially the same in both of these clips. But what is different is the set up. He explains that he rotates a little more with the driver and that is because he is trying to hit it longer.

But if you look at both swings they are essentially the same. The concept is a little different because the driver is hitting on the upswing and the iron is hitting on the downswing.

That is why you should be hitting the ball before the ground with your irons.

Makes sense I guess!

Now if you take note of these small differences in set up then it will allow you to hit the ball much better with both clubs.

Now that is a great thought…

Because you are hitting (or should be hitting) the ball on the upswing with the driver it makes sens that the ball is further forward in your stance.

He is trying to hit the ball a little harder with the driver so it makes sense that he rotates back more which loads his back leg a little more. Which means his legs are a little wider in the stance.

No major differences yet.

The head for the driver is back a little more. Nothing major but it makes sense because the ball is closer to the left heel than with the iron.

Again, nothing major.

They are the key differences to this swing.

The set ups allow him to hit great shots with both clubs. If you can set up a little differently for your driver then it should help you play better golf.

I hear you saying that the swing is different…

Well not really.

All that has happened is that with the driver he has stayed behind the ball a little more. I have worked on this with my golf teacher and he simply explained that I don’t want all of my body moving through the ball at impact.

I used to throw all me weight through the ball which put me off balance dramatically and would cause me to hit the most ferocious slice ever seen. In fact I am certain that I hit a slice on the range where the ball ended up behind me (way to the right). I know you don’t believe me but it is true!

he tried to quieten my body down so that it remained more stationary. It still needs to move through the ball but it is important that the head stays behind the ball at impact. This made a major difference to me.

Here is the video

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