Ernie Els swing is obviously amazing and the way I figure it is that you should listen to the pros. It always amazes me how many different things people say you need to focus on to improve your golf swing. The difference when you listen to the pros is that they keep it so simple. Complicated I hate and simplicity I like so it is the pros I like.

In this clip gives you some tips and instructions on how to hit a better golf shot. To him it is all about the shape of the arms. When you grip the club you need to make a triangle with your arms. This is a common and simple task that we can all do. In the beginning of the back swing you need to keep that triangle. This gets you to use your hips and shoulders to move the club rather than the arms.

From waist height you then need to cock your wrists. It is important that when you cock the wrists, it creates a box or square shape. The parts that make up this box are the club, down to the right wrist and the right elbow. It is important that this shape remains throught the shot until just before impact.

At the top of the back swing, make sure that the box shape is still there. If it isn’t, it is likely your club is past parallel and not much good can come from that. During the down swing enure you keep that shape. This allows you stay in the shot longer.

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