If you need to fix an over the top golf swing then this drill will really help. As many of you are aware, I have an over the top swing and it frustrates me no end. Even when I am hitting the ball well I can tell that my swing is over the top when the ball heads even 1 meter to the left. The drill I will explain in this post is a version of the pump drill, and it has a variation that is really good for the over the top swing. Working on this drill should help you to improve your swing and fix your slice.

Follow these steps:

1. Line yourself up as you normally would to hit the ball. Ensure that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are parallel to your target line.

2. From here you are going to put your left foot a couple of inches forward and you right foot a couple of inches backwards. This sets you up so you will be hitting the ball out to the right of the target. It is important to not that the rest of your body is still lined up parallel to your target line.

3. Complete a backswing and begin your down swing. During your downswing you need to stop when your club gets to around waist height. This is the ‘pump’ part of the drill. You need to ensure that your club is coming from the inside. This means that the handle of the club will be pointing to the left of your target. You need to complete this 3 times.

4. Now that you have completed three ‘pumps’, you can complete a mini-swing. You should see the ball head out to the right and draw back towards the target. If the ball heads to the right but does not draw, that means you are not rolling your wrists at impact. Simply do this (this is called releasing the club) and the ball will draw.

This is a great drill to train your arms to bring the club from the inside. It is important that during the swing and the pumps that the body is dynamic throughout the motion. Don’t simply use the arms. Use this golf drill by SirSwingsAlot and you should see your golf swing improve.

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