The flop shot can be a difficult shot to play and when you begin to play it well it can be a little addictive and you may even play it too often. I remember playing with a friend of mine that had recently bought a 60 degree titleist loft wedge and had mastered (or at least he though he had) a flop shot. Well any chance he got to play this shot he did, even if it wasn’t the most appropriate shot. He played the shot well alot of the time but it only takes you to mess up 3 or 4 and there goes 4 or 5 shots off your score. He wondered why he was scoring worse. I recall another friend we were playing with saying, “Tim, will you put that bloody club away!” He did and only played the flop shot when it was appropriate and the shot became a real weapon for him.

There aren’t many better than Phil Mickelson when it comes to the flop shot. Here is a Phil Mickelson video lesson¬†that will enable you to master the flop shot.

Firstly Phil talks about loft and bounce of the club. He uses a 60 degree loft or even more but the club needs to have bounce also. What will happen is the club will get right under the ball and then the bounce of the club will bounce the club into the ball. This is important as many people believe you don’t want bounce.

For a flop shot where the ball is on tight grass, you need to open up the face so it is almost flat. You then need to put your weight forward. When you play the shot it is important to not let the club head get in front of you hands. If this happens, the balde of the club begins to rise and the bounce will cause you to blade the ball (disaster!). You therefore have to have your arm and club accelerate together at impact. This will take a full swing and you will see the ball flop up in the air.

If the ball is on fluffy grass the technique is a little different. If you do what is explained above you will get right underneath the ball and it won’t move. So what you need to do is adjust your weight. Your weight needs to be more balanced. This will cause you to have a shallower downswing and will generate more bounce in the shot.

So that is how to play the flop shot. Remember to analyze your lie first and then you can make the minor adjustments listed above. Practice this shot lots but don’t use it every time you are close to the green like my friend. Use it when you need to stop the ball quickly. Good luck with this and enjoy the journey.

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