The Explanar Golf Swing Trainer is designed to work on the swing plane. PGA professional, Luther Blacklock, has developed this product that works on muscle memory to get the sing path correct.

Blacklock explains that humans are creatures of habit and that we repeat what we feel. As many of my readers know, in a golf swing we can be too flat or too high at the top of the back swing. This can make it difficult to get the club face back to square at the point of impact. The explanar takes this out of the equation as you are restricted in where you can swing the club.

The action of the Explanar takes you on a perfect swing plane. There is no doubt that if you were to swing on the swing plane the Explanar makes you swing, your golf would improve. The problem is that you can’t take the Explanar out there on the course with you. you therefore have to get a feeling for the swing plane and trust that you muscle memory will take over when you get out on the course.


1. The advantage of the Explanar is that it takes your body on the correct swing path and you can get a real feel for where your arms and hands should be.

2. Because of the angle of the swing path it enables you to play more accurate and even more powerful strokes.

3. The stance mat allows you to practice fade and draw shots.


1. It is quite large and bulky. It can be set up in your home though to practice as you don’t need to hit balls.

2. It isn’t a tool that can be taken on course with you. Playing good shots on course is still up to YOU!

Overall the Explanar is a good product. Be sure to check out the video on this post and try not to listen to the sales stuff. Make an informed decision to ensure this product will benefit YOU. If you do get one let me know how you get on. I hope it improves you golf swing like it has for many others.

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