This golf back swing drill is the first ever drill I was taught in my very first golf lesson. Getting your hands and club in the correct position at the top of the back swing is important if you are going to get the club face back to square. So many people focus on the impact and getting the club square but the back swing is what gets you on plane from the beginning.

When I had my first golf lesson the first thing my instructor said was “Hit some balls and we’ll go from there.” So away I go and hit some balls. I still remember my first shot being a ripper with my 7 iron. I thought thank goodness. For me I was really nervous about going to my first lesson, so when I played a nice shot first up I felt a whole lot better. From there it went very pear shaped. My next lot of shots went very very wrong. The went right, left and very very left. My feelings of joy and relief turned into absolute terror and embarrassment. While I played these shots, Scott was filming me, so we went in and analyzed my swing. One of the main things he wanted to change was my back swing. I was so low in the back swing that it made it near impossible to get my club back square with any kind of consistency. From here he gave me a really simple drill to improve my back swing. This is a really simple golf lesson that you can take with you.

1. The first step is to take your normal stance. You can have a ball there but you don’t need to at this stage.

2. With your normal stance in place you need to now lift your club up and place it on your right shoulder (left shoulder for left handed golfers). Be sure to keep the rest of your posture the same.

3. With your club on your shoulder and the rest of your body in the correct posture, turn your hips 45 degrees as you would in your back swing.

4. Now turn your shoulders 90 degrees

5. With your hips and shoulders rotated you can extend your arms and club above your right shoulder. These steps now put you in a great position at the top of the swing.

6. Now that you are in a great position at the top of the back swing, you can make a practice swing. You now need to repeat these steps another 2 times (3 in total). What you are trying to do is work on your muscle memory so that when you play a shot your muscles will automatically put you in a great position at the top of the back swing.

7. After doing this 3 times it is time to play a shot. Now once you address the ball properly you need to simply play a shot without even thinking about it. Walk in with a clear mind and simply hit the ball. You will find that your muscle memory will take over and you will play a nice shot.

This is a drill that you can continue to come back to over and over. Whenever you feel that you are not in the correct position at the top of the swing you can repeat this drill.

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