Golf backswing drills are important so you can get your club on the correct swing plane. Getting the club on the correct plane helps you to make good contact with the ball and will have you hitting straight shots. The takeaway of the backswing is crucial to the entire swing and if done incorrectly can cause you to slice or hook the ball. This backswing takeaway drill will give have you on plane and hitting great shots. It is a simple drill that you can do at the range and does not require any golf aids. All you need is a spare club.

The goal of the takeaway is to have the club parallel to the ground and pointing to the target. Often people bring the club up with their wrists which causes the club to be pointing in all different directions. This makes it very difficult to get the club square at impact. This simple drill will help you to have a much better golf swing. Follow these instructions:

1. Set a golf club up on the ground so that it is parallel with your target.

2. In your takeaway, stop when you club gets parallel to the ground. This is normally around waist height.

3. With you club at waist height, you need to check if it is on the same line as the club on the ground. If it isn’t then you need to rectify this until you get it correct. What this does is gives you the best opportunity to get on the correct swing plane. As soon as you start breaking your wrists and the club points at different angles, it causes you to have very different swing paths which makes it difficult to hit a straight shot.

The takeaway in the backswing is so important because it chain reacts what you do throughout the rest of the golf swing. If you get it wrong from the beginning then you need to make corrections during the swing. This is obviously not ideal so do this drill and check that you are parallel at waist height and you have the beginnings of a really sold swing.

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