Having solid golf balance is important if you want to play consistent golf shots. Often the amateur golfer will play their shot and fall forward, backwards or even towards the ball. Our feet on the ground is what keeps you in a stable position. It is therefore important to not alter that position as this is where so much of our power and accuracy comes from. To get a better golf swing you need to have good balance.

Sean Foley explains in this video that you should never do anything that is going to disturb your balance. This is the most important lesson he ever received from his golf teacher. Once of the things that many golfers do to put themselves off balance is they swing too hard. The golf swing is not about swinging hard. It is all about creating speed. So often golfers feel that they need to hit the ball hard in order to generate good club head speed. This is not the case and in actual fact, swinging too hard can reduce your speed and cause you to lose distance. In order to create speed, your feet need to have good connection with the ground which will allow you to use your legs, torso and arms.

Foley gives a couple of drills that will allow you to generate good speed while maintaining balance. Here they are:

1. Line up your shot with the ball inside of your left heel. From here get your right foot and place it behind you. Your right foot should be on its toes and is only there for support. There should be minimal weight on your right foot. From here you swing at the ball, trying to generate as much speed as possible but maintain your balance.

2. This drill may seem easy but according to Foley is more difficult than it looks. Take your normal stance and play a normal stroke but hold your finishing position until the ball has landed. This will enable your body to find where its balance point is. This is called proprioception. By working on proprioception your brain learns where it is in an unstable environment and trains you to be balanced.

These are two drills that are not fancy and don’t require any training aids but will be highly effective on your swing. Good luck

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