All of the information you need to improve your swing is there right in front of you. Where the ball travels in the air is a great indication of what you are doing wrong. Hitting pulls and pushes are a result of what you are doing in your downswing. The ball will start out left of where you are aiming with an over-the-top swing or an outside-to-in swing. The ball will start out to the right if you are coming from the inside. The ball will go straight if you are coming right up the middle.

In order to fix your pulls and pushes you need to spend some time practicing at the range. When you are there, you need to line up parallel left of the target. This can be done by placing some golf clubs on the ground; one from the ball to the target and one to line the feet up parallel with the other. Depending on what you swing is normally like, you will know if you should be coming more from the inside or the outside. For example: If your ball normally starts out to the right you are swinging from too far inside. This means you actually need to be more outside with your swing.

This is a simple solution to some of the most common problems in a golf swing. Follow these golf instructions and remember to not over think your swing. Too much thinking in a golf swing is not a good thing. Continue to work at this and the balls will start to fly down the middle of the fairway.

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