This golf chipping drill will help you hit more consistent chips when approaching the green. So often the amateur golfer tries to scoop the ball in the air. You need to allow the loft of the club to get the ball in the air for you. Trying to scoop the golf ball will often result in you topping the golf ball or hitting it fat. This chipping drill will stop you from doing that and improve your chipping. There are no golf swing trainers required in this drill. The only equipment you need are a club, balls and a club  head cover.

Follow these instructions and watch your chipping improve.

1. Place the club head cover about a foot behind the golf ball. You aim is to not hit the cover in the back swing or the down swing. What this will do is get you on a steeper swing path. If you try to scoop the ball now, you will hit the cover either in the back swing or down swing.

2. Address the ball from a more forward position. Line the golf ball up with your shirt buttons directly in line with the ball. It is ok if the buttons are even slightly forward of the ball

3. During you back swing you need to take a steeper angle. You should feel the golf club rise in the back swing and descend to the ball in the down swing.

Remember if you are hitting the club head cover, you are coming at the ball from an angle that is too shallow. This will cause you to top or blade the ball. This chipping drill by Dave Maga will help you chipping in no time.

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