Recently I have been working on trying to increase my golf club head speed. What this does is allows me to hit longer golf balls. The longer and straighter I hit them the easier my approach shots will be into the green as I won’t be as far out as I normally am. Increasing distance in your golf game is almost everybody’s aim. In this drill that my golf instructor Scott has given aims at getting me to use my body more than my arms in the golf swing. This not only generates more power through the swing but really helps you to get on plane. Swinging mainly with the arms is a great way to slice the ball and that is what you don’t want.

This drill helps you improve the lag in your golf swing. Lag is your ability to get the angle your wrists are at at the top of the back swing and hold that as long as possible into the down swing. The longer you hold that angle, the greater the lag. The greater the lag the more club head speed you will generate and the longer you will hit the ball. I was taught this drill in a golf lesson I had a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share.

Follow These Steps To Increase Your Club Head Speed

1. The first thing you need to do is address the ball as you normally would. Remember to be relaxed. You can often tense up when you are focusing on different things in your swing for the first time. So just relax.

2. Make a back swing and at the top rest your club on your right shoulder (left shoulder for the left handed golfer). This does take away from getting the hands away in the back swing but the purpose of this drill is to work on the lag so it will be fine.

3. With the club on you shoulder you are going to transition into the down swing with your body. Your hips and shoulders will begin to rotate forward through the ball but keep the club on your shoulder as long as possible.

4. It is now time to swing the arms. Your hips should be open and pointing towards the target and it is now time to swing the arms as you normally would. Make this a practice swing and don’t hit the ball just yet. This will get the mind used to releasing the club late and the club needs more speed to catch up to the hands in time for impact. Repeat steps 2-4 another 2 times.

5. Now you can hit the ball. Address the ball and make a normal swing. Your muscle memory should take over and you will should see an increase in the lag of your swing.

Continue to practice this drill. Hit 3-4 balls then repeat the drill over until your mind and muscles are taught to increase the lag. I know this drill will really help because it has helped me and I continue to work at it.

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