Creating golf club lag will enable you to hit the golf ball further than you ever have before. Golf club lag is where you retain wrist cock retention for as long as possible in the golf swing. One of the biggest power leaks in the golf swing is when you release the wrists too early. This will often cause you to hit the ball high with very little distance. What professional golfers do is lag the club for as long as possible and then they release all of that retention just before they are about to make contact with the ball. This allows all of the power to go through the ball and you increase your distance as a result.

I found this drill that teaches you to increase the lag in your golf swing and it doesn’t require any swing trainers and can be done in your own back yard (or lounge room if it is big enough). Michael Breed explains in this video how to perform this drill. What you need to do is simply make some swings. As you are in the down swing you need to release the club as late as possible. For the right handed golfer you need to feel your hands releasing on the left side of your body. If you feel the wrists releasing on the right side of your body, you are releasing too early and you are losing power. Get the feeling of releasing the wrists on the left side of you body. Do this over and over and over.

This is a simple drill that can be done every day. The more lag you have in the swing the more power you will generate and the further you will hit the ball. Continue to work on this and watch your shots travel further than all your playing partners.

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