Golf core exercises are fantastic if you want to hit the ball further. Add these exercises into you golf fitness regime and you will find yourself hitting the ball further with less effort. This video is taken at the Golf Gym Academy and is a series of grueling exercises. The beauty of this program is that you are only completing 8 repetition so it does not take long to get through. The intensity is high but you do not have to spend hours in the gym. Short, high intensity training will really benefit you and improve your swing.

I can hear many of you groaning about the thought of completing exercises. Are they absolutely necessary? For the amateur golfer, probably not. But they will definitely improve your golf no matter what level you are at. The way I look at it is that core strength exercises will not only help your golf but also help prevent injuries such as back pain and other musculo-skeletal injuries.

For those that are unaware of how all this core stuff works, it is basically the middle of your body. Your trunk, buttocks and thighs. This is where so much power is generated. These muscles vary from very large to very, very small. Many of them you will have no idea that they exist and you would not even know that you are using them. Core body muscles play an integral role in our posture and stabilize our body so we can move freely. They also generate and transfer power through the body. In golf, power is generated by our contact with the ground and our core muscles causing us to rotate. This force is then transferred into our arms, hands and finally our club. This means the more force the core can generate the more force will go through the club.

When you watch this video it is important to always watch the hips. To throw the medicine ball against a wall can be done with the arms alone, but this will not generate lots of force. You need to keep your spine straight, and then rotate from the hips. This will work the core muscles and allow you to hit the ball further.

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