As many of you are aware, like many golfers I have had to overcome a slice. My natural tendency is to have an outside to inside swing which makes me slice the ball. It is fair to say that it has taken a fair bit of work to cure this slice and even then it seems to come back every now and then. I can say though that it is worth it. Being able to improve your golf game by stopping your slice is a great feeling. It is my opinion that a slice ruins a good game of golf and the game is so much more enjoyable when you hit the ball straight.

I often work with my golf teacher Scott and he gives me drills that will help me work on my flaws. Each one of these drills I will endeavor to show you in these mini online lessons. As my swing gets better, I want your swing to get better.

Of the main reasons golfers slice the ball is because they have an outside-to-in swing plane. This means that from halfway in the down swing your club will be pointing to the left of the target. As you continue the down swing through impact you will swing through to the left which puts side spin on the ball. This spin causes the ball to slice and adds many strokes onto your round. What you want is to be on plane (which means at half way your club is parallel to your target line) or even slightly inside (slightly pointing to the right of the target).

To do this drill you require a tee that you can place in the ground. Firstly you need to place the tee in the ground. Ensure it is sitting up nice and high. The tee is used as both a physical and mental guide. Your aim is to not hit the tee when you play your shot.

Next you need to make some practice swings. Using your tee as a guide, imagine there is a ball 1-2 inches towards the target and 1-2 inches your side of it. Line your club up and make some practice swing. Mentally you should be thinking about swinging out to the right. Remember golf is a game of opposites. Swing right and it will draw to the left. Swing left and it will slice to the right. If you are hitting the tee you are most likely swinging from outside-to-in. Get it correct with the practice swings.

Once you think you have it down it is time to try and hit some balls. Place a ball in the same position as you imagined in the above step. Think about hitting the ball out to the right. You do not want to hit the tee. The better you get at this the closer you can bring the ball in towards the tee. This makes it harder. The more you practice this the better your swing will become. A;though my swing is not perfect, I can honestly say this drill has cured my slice and put me on a journey where I enjoy my golf lots more.

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