Golfing pro, J B Holmes has very little wrist cock yet still generates an enormous amount of power through his drive. The key is in the rotation of the body and getting the hands a long way forward of the ball at the point of impact.

The arms do not have the strength alone to generate the club head speed required to hit a long ball. It is therefore important to rotate the hips, shoulders and chest to generate the force. Holmes states that he actually loses 20 yards if he cock his wrists and the top of the backswing.

In order to make a full swing, Holmes has a very large shoulder turn. From the top of the down swing the transition into the down swing begins with the the hips and moves onto the trunk, arms and then hands. It is important to note he does not begin the down swing with the arms. From there he simply pulls the club downwards. He then begins turning his upper chest which enables him to get the club square. This sequenceing is the key to generating power for long drives.

Holmes believes that young golfers should be encouraged to rip the ball whilst still working on technique. He thinks if they are taught to have a smooth swing first, they find it hard to then ramp the power up in their swing. This is an interesting method of driving the ball and I had not really come across it before. I thought I would share it with my readers as I know you are all different.

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