Some of the most dreaded holes in golf are where you have to drive the ball straight in order to avoid water on the right hand side. This kind of hole can immediately get inside your head which causes you to end up exactly where you don’t want to be…..the water. What many amateur golfers would do in this situation is try and line up to the left. This will most likely cause you to hit across the ball which will cause a massive slice and the ball is heading into the drink. The hazard doesn’t even have to be water. I play a hole at a local course that has thick trees tight down the left. If it goes in there there you class your 2nd shot as lost and you take your 3rd from the tee! This David Leadbetter tip should help you improve your golf drive in this situation.

Leadbetter explains that it is so important to not aim to the left as this will make you hit across the ball and the ball ends up with a severe slice. What you need to do is line up where you normally do. The important thing is to ensure that your hips and shoulders are lined up towards on the same line. When the hips and shoulders aren’t aligned, a slice is the most likely result. Leadbetter goes on to say that if the hips and shoulders are aligned, the most likely result is a draw.

So if you have a tough drive where you simply cannot go right, you need to fight your urges to aim to the left. You need to ensure that your hips and shoulders are aligned and then play your normal stroke. As hard as it is mentally, you need to avoid hitting across the ball. Good luck!!


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