Hi guys, I’ve been searching for a golf fitness exercise that can help you with your golf swing and this is one that I have found. This drill is aimed at improving the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulders. If these muscles aren’t strong enough then you may be a little unstable at the top of the backswing. By strengthening the rotator cuff muscles it should stabalize you at the top of the back swing.

All the exercise requires is some light dumbells. 5lb should be enough to get the job done. The rotator cuff muscles are only really used to stabalize the shoulder joint and you therefore only need light weights to strengthen them. Take your golf stance with the dumbells in your hands. Raise your upper arms until they are shoulder height with the dumbells facing down. From there, simply rotate your shoulders to raise the bumbells above your sholders.

This exercise will cause you to be a little sore after the first time you do this exercise but after a few times you won’t feel a thing. Give it a go and your rotator cuffs will become stronger and hopefully it will help you on your golf swing journey.

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