If you want to improve your golf swing then you can’t forget about implementing golf fitness training. You need to work on you swing mechanics, but if you want to hit the ball further and more consistently throughout a full 18 holes then you need to improve your physical fitness. In this video, fitness guru, Sean Cochran takes you through a great exercise to improve the power in your rotation. This should help increase club head speed, allowing you to hit the ball further.

To do this exercise you need a medicine ball and a concrete wall. If you don’t have a concrete wall you need something or someone you can throw the medicine ball to so that it rebounds back to you. Follow these steps and you find your core muscles will be stronger allowing you to rotate with more power.

1. Kneel down on your left knee facing side on the the wall. Ensure you are around 3-5 ft away from the wall.

2. Holding the medicine ball in front of you with both hands, rotate from the hips and throw the ball against the wall. The ball will rebound back to you. Catch it and return to your normal position. If you are using someone to help you, throw the ball to them and they can throw it back.

3. Complete step 2, 8 times.

4. When you have done this, turn around and have your right knee on the ground. Repeat the above steps on this side.

5. Complete 4 sets of this exercise. You may find yourself a little sore the next day as this is working your core which you may not use lots of in your day to day activities. You will find it will really help drive your hips during your rotation.

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