I came across this Johnny Miller video that takes you through his version of golf fundamentals. This is one of the best fundamental videos I have seen and I love it how the professional golfers make the swing seem so simple. The former PGA golfer of the year and US Open winner takes you through the basics of the swing from grip all the way to follow through. This golf lesson shows you what you need to do in order to improve your golf swing.

The Grip

Johnny Miller has a neutral grip and says that if you clap your hands together out in front of you this will create the position your hands need to be in to grip the club. The grip is important as it is obviously the only point of contact between you and the ball. The ‘V’ created by the left hand should be pointing towards the right eye. The right hand simply fits in comfortably with the left. The left thumb fits into the groove of the right palm. Their should be a one finger gap between the right index finger and right middle finger. This gap allows for more power to brought to the swing.

Address Position

In order to get your address position correct, all you need to do is take your stance with your knees slightly bent and then let the club fall down in front of you. Where the club falls is where you should play the ball. You shouldn’t be reaching out for the ball or have the club in too close to you body. Where it falls is the correct distance away from the ball.

The Takeaway

During the takeaway, Miller tries to think about getting the arms, left hip and left shoulder away together. There are many different ways to take the club away but Miller finds this gets him in the best position. The first checkpoint is at half way and the club needs to be nicely extended. The right knee should have moved slightly as you load your weight onto the right side. At the top of the back swing the wrist should be at the same position as it was at address but the wrist should be slightly cocked. At the top your right knee should be over your right foot and your left shoulder should be behind the ball and your right side is tucked behind you.

The Down Swing

The beginning of the downswing is what is called a ‘gravity move’. This means that you let gravity move the club rather than you pulling the club down with your hands. This should get you back to the half way position. No power is given with the hands yet. It is important that the hips are beginning to open up at the stage, but don’t pull with the hands. This brings you to the hitting position and the club should be parallel to the ground. Imagine that there is a brick wall in front of you. As you get into the hitting position you can try and hit the wall with the palm of your right hand as hard as you can.


Once you have got the club square you need to penetrate through the ball. This is something you can practice without the full swing. Simply practice the impact position and then penetrating through the ball. Once the club gets past your left leg it then releases and the arms cross over.

Follow Through

After the arms have crossed over at half way you can relax slightly and allow the hands and club to have a nice high follow through. The right shoulder should now be right over the left foot which brings the weight through the ball.

And there you have it. A great swing that you can emulate. As Miller explains, continue to watch this video over and over. You can work on each aspect slowly until you become comfortable with it.

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