I have been looking around for some really good golf grip tips and I have found this video by Jaacob Bowen that I think will benefit those that are wondering about how to grip the golf club. In a recent post, KJ Choi explained that the first thing you need to think about in your golf swingis the grip. Choi said that too many golfers focus on the swing without first getting the proper golf grip. Since then I have been aiming at finding the best golf grip instructions.

1. First of all you need to take the club in the left hand. The end of the grip needs to sit right under the meaty bit of your hand. If are not sure if you have got it correct then a simple test is to lift the club up with you left hand and see if it is staying stable. Only using your forefinger the club should stay stable if the end is under the meaty part of the hand. If someone was to come up and give the club a tug, it should still stay in your hand. This is important to having a positive golf grip.

2. Grip the club lightly. The benefit of doing having the club in the above position is that when you wrap the other fingers of your left hand around the club and the add the right hand to the club, you are able to grip the club lightly. In this position you will be able to swing the club and although you are gripping lightly, the club will stay in your hands.

3. Have a neutral grip. To do this, you need to have your wrist bones pointed vertically and not to one side or the other. This will keep your wrist bones vertical through the hitting zone and get the club square at impact. This will get you hitting straighter shots.

This is one thing I will be focussing on in the next few weeks during my practice. Because of the slice I had (and sometimes still have!) when I first started golf, I began using a relatively strong gripto try and alleviate my slice. I was probably one that focussed too much on the golf swing instead of getting a really good golf grip first. Follow the above steps and it should help you hitting longer and straighter shots. Remember to let me know how you go.

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