This golf grip video explains the effect different grips have on the club face at impact of your golf swing. This is an interesting view on how you should be gripping the golf club as it goes slightly against what many golf texts say you should do when you grip the golf club. If you are slicing the ball or pulling the ball (or both!) then you should take a look at these golf grip instructions and give them a go to see if they work for you.

Golfing instructor, Shawn Clement discusses the reason he believes you should have a strong grip rather than a weak grip, especially if you are slicing the ball. Clement shows you that in the back swing the club face is very open if you have a weak grip. This makes it very difficult to get the club face square at impact. In order to get the club square at impact your body ends up rotating across the ball which may even result in you pulling the ball.

All you need to do is have a slightly strong grip. Just close your top hand so you can see one extra knuckle. Once you have done this, hinge your wrists and the club face should be slightly close. This will obviously change the angle of the club head at the top of the back swing and will make it much easier for you to get the club square at impact.

As I said, don’t just take this as gospel but definitely give it a go if you have been slicing the ball or pulling the ball. You should feel yourself making much better contact with the ball. As you continue to work on other aspects of your swing you may find that you actually begin drawing the ball. If this happens then you can simply change your grip ever so slightly back towards normal and this should have you hitting the ball straight again.

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