This golf hip rotation drill will help you develop your golf swing in a way that will allow you to hit more consistent shots. This drill will help you get a feel for how your lower body actually moves the golf club rather your arms generating the force. As many of you already know, if your arms are generating the power you will tend to have an outside to inside swing path. This is not a good thing and causes you to cut across the ball resulting in either a pulled shot or a slice. You know how I think a slice ruins the game of golf! This drill will help you attack the ball from a more inside path which will get you hitting the ball much straighter and further.

In order to do this drill you simply need to tee a ball up and have your driver with you. Just follow these simple instructions below:

1. With the club in the air simply swing the ball like a baseball bat. Ensure that your hip rotation is making the club move rather than your arms and hands. Complete 3 or 4 of these swings. Really feel your lower body driving the club around your body.

2. Continue to swing the club in the air but this time feel like you are swinging in a slightly upward motion. Don’t go overboard on this as it can cause you to attack the ball from an inside position that will cause you to hook the ball. but just feel like your are hitting up on the ball slightly. This allows you to get the shoulder tilt you require to get your club back on the swing plane.

3. Again, continuing to swing the club in the air, gradually increase the intensity of the swing. Don’t overpower the club with your arms. Your lower body must still drive the club. This will help you drive the ball further.

4. Line up and hit the ball. This should help you hit the ball much straighter. The more you practice this the more it will help your muscle memory.

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