Golf hip rotation is important for you to get your club square at impact. I went to see my golf teacher last week and the main thing he wanted to improve was my hip rotation. I was pulling down with my hands too much which caused me to have a slight outside swing path and my balls were heading off to the left. I had to focus on rotating my hips by trying to ‘put my front pocket in my back pocket’. My teacher, Scotty, explained that I need to be careful to not have an ‘early extension’ in my rotation. This is where instead of rotating the hips around in the down swing, your hips actually move in towards the golf ball. I have found a fantastic golf drill that will help your golf swing if you have this problem.

1. In order to complete this drill you will need a chair to use as a golf swing trainer. Place the chair behind you so that you can rest the back of your legs on the back of the chair. Take your golf stance with you club in your hands. Be sure that both of your legs are resting on the chair.

2. Take you back swing as you would normally. You need to ensure that your right leg stays in contact with the chair. Your left leg will come away from the chair as your hips rotate.

3.  Begin your down swing. When you do this you need to ensure that your left leg makes contact with the back of the chair. If it doesn’t then you still have an early extension. Your left leg needs to make contact and then maintain that contact throughout the finish of the swing. This gives you some great feedback as to how your hips are rotating and will rectify any early extension problems you may have.

This drill by golf teacher, Mike Bury is as simple as that. You can do it in your own back yard. Obviously it is unrealistic to take a chair out onto the course with you, so make sure you practice this over and over at home or at the range. Good luck

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