The golf long game is something amateur golfers have always marvelled at. Why can the pros hit the ball so much further than you can? Is it the equipment? They don’t even seem to be trying. They just have an easy swing and the ball goes straight and travels so far. So how does the amateur golfer improve the golf swing enough so they can hit it like the pros. Well first off you need to remember that they get paid to do what they do, so they do it every day of the week. The amateur golfer has a job so time is limited. This may mean you might not get to the professional level but you can hit long straight shots all the same by getting a few things correct.

In this long game lesson, Denis Pugh talks about the fundamentals of the professional golfer. Follow these fundamental instructions to help you hit a longer drive.

1. Set the ball forward in your stance. It is very important that the head is behind the ball in your stance so you can make good contact with the ball.

2. Turn around your center (or spine). Think of you spine as a metal rod and the trunk and shoulders need to rotate around this metal rod. This is how you coil and uncoil your swing to generate the momentum in the club that will allow you to hit great shots. Too often the amateur leans on the ball (causing a shoulder tilt) and then tries to get the head behind the ball by then leaning back in the downswing.

3. Use your levers to maximum effect. Where you end in the back swing is not always the most important aspect but you need to make use of your levers. Long levers generate more speed and hence a longer ball. Don’t have the arms and wrists all bent. The arms should be long but still relaxed.

Watch this Denis Pugh video to help clarify these points and you will find yourself hitting better drives. Don’t be afraid to film yourself to see exactly what you are doing. Look for the common faults listed in this post. Let me know how your swing is progressing.

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