I have been searching for some golf mental game tips because I was playing golf yesterday and I was hitting the ball really well until I got onto the green. My putting was disgraceful! For the first 6 holes I had hit 5 fairways and was on the green in regulation for 4. The problem was that I had 14 putts (this included a 1 putt on the 4th). 14 putts in 6 holes. It was frustrating to be hitting the ball so well but and be unable to finish off my good work. The major problem I had was with pace. I was so concerned with getting the line correct that the weight of my putts was too far off. Sometimes throughout the round I actually putted further past the hole that where I began.

So here I am, frustrated and have been searching for hours to find a solution to my problem and improve my putting. And here it is. I found this video by Michael Breed that speaks about this exact problem. He says that too often golfers get caught up in the line of the putt they are about to play. When it should be the pace that you should be focusing on. Line is obviously important but getting the pace correct is more so important. When I think about it, if I had gottenĀ the pace correct on most of my putts I would have putted out in 2 easily. Rather than hitting it well past or well short and having a really tough 2nd putt only to close out in 3. This will save shots off your game.

Breed explains that you need to putt the ball so that it is going to go maybe 10 inches behind the hole. If you get this pace correct and you miss, it makes it much easier to close the hole out. If you get the pace correct you will find that lots of the time the hole will get in the way and your ball will drop. When I saw this video I was like “yes!”. I knew straight away that I had been so concerned with the line that I had got the pace so wrong.

I any of you have a similar problem with your putting, give this a go and let me know the result. I know I will be focusing on this on the practice green over the next couple of weeks.

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