Continuing on with our 12 nights at the academy I have Brandel Chamblee talking about pitching. Being able to hit a solid pitch shot will help you lower your golf scores as you will be able to get up and down more easily. The professional golfers always seem to have lots of spin on the ball which allows them to really attack the pin. According the Chamblee, this is because they have lots of speed through the pitch shot. This allows them to put spin on the ball and helps them control the ball.

What many amateur golfers do is either have a neutral grip or even a strong grip when they are trying to hit a pitch shot. This gets you to try and get the ball in the air with your hands and wrists. It doesn’t allow you to trust the loft of the club. As a result it can end up in many skinny shots.

One of the ways that the professional golfers add speed to the pitch shot is that they weaken their grip. Their right hand comes to a weaker position on the golf club. This means that the ‘V’ shape that your index finger and thumb make will be pointed towards your left shoulder. This will feel┬ávery strange at first. This will allow you to accelerate through the shot and will stop you from closing the club face through the shot.

Having the weak grip will help you to open the blade in the back swing (remember, this is only for the pitch shot) and will also allow your to release the club at speed without closing the face of the club at impact. This is something new to me and I actually spent some time down at the range today giving this a go. What I found was that I could release the club and not have the ball hook or lose loft. This weak grip gives the ball plenty of loft and spin. I am yet to give it a go in a round of golf but am liking what I saw at the range. Give it a go and let me know the results.

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