This golf pitching drill will help you improve your short game. Getting a good feel for pitching the ball can take time. Often you may be worried about hitting over a bunker or even hitting the ball too far. This can cause tension in your arms and that is never good. This will cause you to often blade the ball and you may even end up further away than you were.

This drill by Jeff Ritter will help you hit solid pitch shots more often. It also helps you with your general swing. This drill is the right arm drill. Ritter explains that for most competitive golfers they spend a lot of time hitting shots just with their right arm. It is a drill that can take some getting used to but working on it will be worth it in the long run.

What you need to do is take your sand wedge and grip it in your right hand (left hand for left handers). From here you simply need to practice some half swings. It is important to relax the body and not try and hit the ball too hard. Gently swing the club and let it brush the grass on the way through. Once you have made a few practice swings, place a ball on the ground and complete the same swing. You should find that the ball is going high and landing softly on the green.

When completing this drill it is important that the body is still dynamic through the swing. Don’t simply swing the arms and leave the body still. This will cause all sort of problems and doesn’t really work on the mechanics of your swing. Gentle swings will do the job. Practice this often and your pitch shots will be solid and you will continue to get up and down.

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