I am sure you have heard the term ‘Golf Plane’. Almost every amateur golfer is striving to get their golf swing on the correct plane so that they can hit great shots. For those that are unaware the swing plane is the path the club takes on the back swing and down swing when you try to hit the ball. When you take your stance over the ball, the angle your club makes at address is pretty much the plane your club should stay on throughout the swing. It may get a little steeper once it gets above waist height but from waist height it should return back to the plane it began on. If you are going to improve your golf swing you need to know if you are on plane or not. In this David Leadbetter online lesson he explains how you can tell if you are on plane or not at the top of your back swing.

This is a simple drill that will give you immediate feedback as to whether you are on plane or not. Simply take your normal stance and make a back swing. When you get to the top of the back swing, you need to hold your position. From there simply relax you hands and let the club drop down. If your club hits the point of your shoulder or there abouts then you are on plane. If it hits more towards your neck or even in the head then your back swing is too steep. If it misses your shoulder all together and hits your arm then your back swing is too low.

Once you have identified where your swing plane is you can make adjustments. As you can see, there are no swing trainers required for this drill and it can even be done in you back yard (or lounge room if the wife approves!). If you want to learn how to golf then this is a great place to start. A really important factor in getting better at anything is receiving feedback. This feedback will put you on your way to hitting great shots.

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