Some many golfers want to learn how to hit with power. You may have heard that one of the ways to do this is to reduce the hip turn in your golf swing. The reason for this is that the larger the differential between the shoulder rotation and the hip rotation the greater the force that can be generated throughout the swing. One of the major power leaks in a golf swing is the hips turning too much during the back swing. Golf power with control allows you to hit the ball down the fairway and you can approach the green with a high iron. This enables you to really attack the pin rather than just hoping you can make the green from a long way out. It is a great way to improve your golf game.

I call this drill the ‘lead toe drill’ and it is something I learnt from my golf teacher because I was over rotating my hips in the back swing. It is a really simple drill that you can do with or without hitting balls. I will give you these online golf instructions in this post so you can follow them.

1. Take your club and your normal stance. This can be done if you are planning on making some practice swings or if you are going to hit some balls.

2. Next turn your lead foot (left foot for right handed golfers) and point it down you target line. What this does is prevents your hips from rotating too much. It is near impossible to over rotate your hips when your foot is in this position. This allows you to get the feeling of how far your hips should be turning and should teach your muscle memory to do the same.

4. Make your normal swing while you keep your lead foot down the target line. You can either make a practice swing or hit golf balls.

This drill is so simple and it really helps with your over rotation of the hips. Remember to let me know how you go.


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