This is a very short video on golf rotation that may help you with your golf swing. We have all bee told about the rotation of the hips and the shoulders in order to hit a golf ball. It is important to: keep the correct angle of the shoulders in the swing, limit head movement and the list goes on. One thing that I have been told before in my golf swing is to shift my weight to my right leg then back to my left leg. This shifting thought can be a little misleading.

In this video, Brad Reading explains that it isn’t really a shift in weight but a pivot in weight. The word shift for many golfers leads them to think that the weight needs to go from side to side. In actual fact this can cause you to hit the golf ball worse. There is no doubt that the weight moves from the right leg to the left leg but we don’t shift from one side to the other. In order to get the weight to move we need to pivot or rotate. Too much sideways movement creates instability on the swing and an inconsistent golf shot.

You may do this well already but I found it interesting that a simple change of wording does make a big difference to how we peceive the golf instruction. I know it did for me.

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