Having good golf short game drills is important to get your confidence up when around the greens. I and many friends of mine have gone through times where we are nervous about hitting the ball skinny or fat when close to the green. This fear will normally turn into reality as we grip the club too tight and causes a terrible stroke being played. This drill by Denis Pugh is a great golf swing lesson for your short game. It will give you the mechanics you need to hit consistent chips.

Your aim in this drill is to get a feel for the role of the right arm and wrist in a chip shot. What you need to do is take your club and grip it with your right hand. Your left hand will remain by your side. It does not grip the club. All you need to do is swing back and through the ball. With a chip you need to have your wrists cocked slightly at setup. This will get you to really feel the role of the right hand and wrist during a chip shot. Continue to play these until you feel comfortable you are using the right arm correctly.

If you are finding the above drill too difficult then there is a small alteration you can use to help support the club. I use this drill as I find it very difficult to control the club with just my right hand. To do this drill begin the same as above. Grip the club with your right hand. The difference is that in this drill you use your left hand also. Instead of gripping the club like normal, your left hand will be below your right. This gives the club more support and should be easier on your wrists. Simply play a stroke as you did in the above drill.

This is a great drill to really improve your golf swing for your short game. Getting your right arm and wrist correct in a chip allows you to play more consistent chips. Watch this video lesson by Denis Pugh and let me know how you go.

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