These golf short game tips will help you when you are around the green. Sometimes amateur golfers only have one shot that they know how to play around the green. Some will play this shot no matter what the lie of the ball is and it becomes detrimental to their game. It is important to realize what the lie of the ball is so you can change your shot accordingly. In this video, Denis Pugh explains 2 different types of shots. The first uses loft to land the ball softly on the green, while the other uses spin to control the ball on the green. Developing these 2 shots will help you improve your short game.

Using Loft

Using loft to land the ball softly on the green can be used when the ball is sitting up, usually on the rough. This means there is more air under the ball and it is almost like the ball is sitting on a tee. You do not want to play this shot every time the ball lands in the rough. It is only for when the ball is sitting up on the rough and you are able to easily get under the ball. It is important to note that you do not have to open the club face and hit a lob shot. All you are doing is using the loft of the club to get the ball into the air. Because the ball is sitting up, you will naturally get more loft and the ball will land softly.

Using Spin

Using spin is important when the ball is sitting on the fairway. Because of the low cut of the grass on the fairway it is more difficult to under the ball and generate lots of loft. In order to control the ball you can use spin. Spin is generated by hitting down on the ball. This causes back spin in a similar way to a table tennis player creating back spin. The flight of the ball will be much lower but the backspin will control the ball and not allow it to run on a long way.

These two techniques that Denis Pugh has explained will help you develop your game so that you can land the ball near the pin more often. Practice these shots at the range and then next time you play a round you will be playing a different shot depending on the lie of your ball. This will give you more consistency in your game.

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