The golf shoulder turn is an important aspect if you are going to get your golf swing on plane. So often you that you need to shift the weight from one side to the other. It is important to get the weight over the right leg (left leg for left handers) in order to get the club square at impact with some club head speed. But how do we get that weight transfer? Do we shift the weight or turn the weight? Well the answer is, turn. You need to rotate the hips and shoulders around your spine, not shift the weight from side to side. For the amateur golfer, the word ‘shift’ is often used but misinterpreted. The hip and shoulder turn will shift the weight from one leg to the next. This is important to grasp if you are going to improve your golf.

As many of you know I do a heap of research to find the best golf swing tips and drills. Well I came across this really simple drill by golf teacher, Steve Dresser. He explains that the body need to turn rather than shift. This drill can be done in your living room. Follow these instructions:

1. Take your golf stance. Bent knees, slight break at the hips, right shoulder slightly lower than your left.

2. With your left hand, put you thumb in the middle of your chest. Your elbow should be pointing directly out to the left side.

3. Simply rotate as you would in your backswing. You only need to rotate until your left elbow points directly out in front of you. This will give you an indication of how far you should rotate. When you stop you will feel that you weight is over your right leg without you having to shift from side to side.

This is a simple drill that should stop you shifting and get you turning.

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