Once you have got your grip in order the next thing you need are some golf stance tips. Getting your golf stance setup up is very important. There are two points where you have contact with something in golf. One is your hands and the contact you have with your club. This is taken care of with a solid grip. Second point of contact is your feet with the ground. It is important to have solid contact with the ground so that you can have stability i your golf shots. Your stance is also important for your aim. Because you play a golf shot from side on, it can be difficult to get your aim perfect. In this video, Michael Breed gives some golf stance instructions. If you want to have a better golf swing then these tips should help you.

Most of you have opened or closed your stance for different shots. For example, many of you will open your stance in a bunker shot. So how does this effect the way you swing the golf club. It is important to note first and foremost that the cub should swing along the line that the toes,knees, hips and shoulders have. This means that when you set up you need to make sure these 4 body parts are set up in the exact same direction. All you simply do then is change where you aim and then change the angle of the club face to hit a fade or a draw. For example, if you are wanting to hit a fade, you need to line your toes, knees, hips and shoulders up to the left of your target. Then simply open the face of the club so that it is facing where you want the ball to finish. You then simply swing along the line of your body.

If you want to hit a draw, you do the exact opposite. You need to line all elements of your body up to the right. Close the club face to where you want the ball to end up, and swing in line with your body. The most important thing here is to have the toes, knees, hips and shoulders all along the same line. If you are finding it difficult to do this, line up in front of a mirror at home and get used to the feeling. This should help you hit all different shots effectively.

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